HR Series Week 3

HR Best Practices Series 

Week 3 – Employee Relations:Graphical user interface, text

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Employee relations is simply the relationship between employers and employees.  But it is not something to be overlooked—employees are the most valuable asset in any business. 

Cultivating positive relationships with workers increases employee productivity, engagement, motivation, and morale.  Having engaged staff will ultimately improve efficiency and profitability.

Providing fair and consistent treatment to all employees reduces the number of employee disputes and creates an environment based on mutual respect and appreciation. 

To help your employees feel valued and supported, consider the following:

  • Communicate early, often, persistently, and consistently—on all matters affecting the business. Never assume employees understand policies and procedures, and do not let the rumor mill be a substitute for things workers need to know. 
  • Set them up for success – give clear direction and provide the tools they need.  Use consistent terminology and have clear SOPs.  What part of the day do employees do their best work?  If you can, structure schedules and provide supports so you get their best work.  
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback on a regular basis will help employees feel that their voices are heard and can give you insight to help gain business efficiencies.  
  • Show employees that you care.  Treat your staff like people, not just cogs in the machine.  Be kind and provide guidance and support.  Accept all levels of difference and avoid playing favourites.
  • Appreciation and gratitude go a long way.  When workers feel valued, it will encourage them to grow and improve. 
  • Implement a transparent employee relations policy and share it with all employees.  Include clear procedures for reporting potential issues. Make sure you treat all employees the same.
  • Engage with your employees to keep them involved and productive.  A quick check in during a long day can help everyone stay on top of things.  Ensure there are open lines of communication to help avoid misunderstandings and potential disputes.

Ultimately, be positive, appreciate your employees, and communicate at all times.  

And remember to communicate at all times!

To read more on effective employee relations strategy, here is a good article:

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