Temporary Pathway to Permanent Residence

IRCC Temporary Public Policies 

There are new temporary public policies to facilitate the granting of permanent residence for foreign nationals in Canada. The temporary resident to permanent resident pathway is a limited-time pathway to permanent residence. It is for certain temporary residents who are currently working in Canada and their families.

The pandemic has highlighted the contribution of foreign nationals in Canada, across all sectors and skill levels. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased need to ensure that Canada has the necessary workforce to support the physical health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as the economic recovery. The public policies targets foreign nationals with at least one year of work experience in Canada in an essential occupation and foreign nationals who have been granted an eligible Canadian credential, and who are currently employed in Canada, in recognition of their economic contribution and in acknowledgement of the ongoing need that Canada has for these professionals.

More information on eligibility and guidelines can be found here.