Recognized Employer Pilot (TFWP)

To help reduce administrative barriers, the Government of Canada has announced a new Temporary Foreign Worker Program Recognized Employer Pilot.
This new 36-month LMIA validity period is a crucial step in addressing labour shortages by simplifying the hiring process for repeat TFWP employers.

What does this mean for farmers employing TFWs?
For the duration of this pilot, LMIAs (Labour Market Impact Assessments) will be valid for 36 months
In order to participate, employers must have a minimum of three positive LMIAs for the same occupation over the past five years

Recognized Employer Pilot details:
REP will be rolled out in two stages:

  • Stage one begins in September 2023, when employers in the Primary Agriculture stream will be able to apply in time for the 2024 season.
  • Stage two begins in January 2024 and opens intake to all other industry sectors.

Applications for both streams will be accepted until September 2024

ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) will determine REP eligibility based on the employer’s history with the TFW Program. Should an employer not receive recognized status, they will remain eligible to use the TFW Program and the Department would continue to assess their LMIA.

There are two ways to apply for an LMIA and REP:

  1. Through the LMIA Online Portal, a reliable and secure platform where employers can complete and submit an online application to ESDC; or,
  2. If the employer has a valid proof of valid exemption to the LMIA Online Portal, they can email a PDF application form to ESDC