Industry Statistics

There are many aspects of the agriculture sector that are not well understood due gaps in timely or relevant data. The workforce and labour market are constantly changing, and Farmers are regularly citing chronic labour shortages as a major constraint to the growth of their operations. Access to timely information is important to understand the challenges employers in Nova Scotia are facing.

In 2021, the Association of Industry Sector Councils (AISC) was entrusted by the Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration (LSI) to develop a labour market information data collection tool for 14 Sectors across Nova Scotia that make up the membership of AISC.  As a member of the AISC, the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture was a contributing member to the project.

Project Purpose

  • Improve the capacity of Nova Scotian farmers to effectively engage workforce planning
  • Interpret data to identify current and future labour force resource requirements and labour and skills supply issues
  • Assist Nova Scotia Department of Labour skills and Immigration with developing a workforce plan
  • Assist members to create business growth strategies with sound HR Plans to support them.
  • Regular reporting of key labour market statistics common to all member organizations which can be viewed via an online dashboard that summarizes Nova Scotia’s “State of the Labour Force”

Being able to properly quantify key labour market indicators is key to begin to identify problems and address the needs of the sector. With the information provided, the NSFA, can better respond to producer risks and challenges to assist them in growing their business by providing targeted support through new programs and initiatives.