There are several Continuous Improvement experts available to assist the farming community with understanding and implementing CI practices within their operations.

A few who have worked with agriculture previously are listed below:

Gary Cox
Process Improvement Trainer/Coach with Barrington Consulting Group
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-292-5906

Working with the NSFA on their Continuous Improvement Iniative for the last few years, Gary supports driving efficiency, operations management and process improvement. In the recent past he has worked with Lindenright Holstiens Farm, Grape Growers of Nova Scotia, Maplewood Farms, and Greenough Family Farm. As well, he has presented to Nova Scotia Young Farmers and at the NFSA’s AGM and Continuous Improvement Efficiency Symposium.
Gary is available to h
ost workshops on Lean and Process Improvement.

Robert Newcombe
Founder/ Owner of Newcombe Consulting
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-233-8491

Raised on a dairy and poultry farm in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Robert has been deeply involved in agriculture throughout his life. After earning an engineering diploma from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 2010 and an industrial engineering degree from Dalhousie University in 2013, Robert has dedicated his career to improving organizations, including many in the agriculture industry. Robert received his MBA from the Sobey School of Business and is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. His work spans numerous projects with key industry players such as the NSFA, Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia, Eden Valley Poultry, and several farms including CAP Farms, Bonnyman Farms, and Cornwallis Farms. In December 2023, leveraging his extensive experience and passion for innovation, Robert established Newcombe Consulting. His firm focuses on leveraging generative artificial intelligence to enhance operational efficiencies for businesses, organizations, and farms.

Jeff Ainslie
Managing Partner with 2020 Consulting Inc.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 902-497-1717

Jeff lead for the farm tour that was part of the NSFA’s Efficiency Symposium in 2023. With his experience working on 2 farms in Amherst when he was a teenager during summer breaks, he lead the group discussions to identify opportunities for improvement and to share best practices. This is a service offered one-on-one with farms along with lean training opportunities that can be organized through the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture. 
Jeff’s work experience has taken him across Canada, United States and Mexico working in many areas of different industries. His ability to train people at all levels to make processes more efficient, organized and increasing the reliability of outcomes with his blue jeans approach is what keeps him very busy across Nova Scotia. With today’s pressure in reducing costs in operations to maximize profitability, learning where and how to apply the lean principles to your business is more of a necessity now than ever before.  Jeffs offers the opportunity to learn how to improve your operations using a common sense approach.