Nova Scotia Farm Discovery Tool

Developed in partnership with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture, Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc.

We are here to support you. Here, you will find a comprehensive collection of business management resources developed to support new farm business owners and those interested in entering the agricultural industry as a farm owner in Nova Scotia.

We’ll start by identifying the Nova Scotia county you currently farm in or intend to farm in and commodities of interest from the drop down menus below. Next select the topic(s) of interest from the categories provided. Feel free to make multiple selections at any point.

If you are new to farming or the province of Nova Scotia, there are some considerations that may be beneficial for you to reflect on before beginning. Click the button to the right to learn more.

Nova Scotia Discovery Tool

  • Choose your areas of interest from the categories below. You can continue to make or change selections in each of the categories and then click the submit button to generate a resource list based on all of your selections.