The development of the Farm Technician trade stems from an NSFA policy which identified the lack of skilled labour as a critical issue for Nova Scotia farms. The Farm Technician trade designation was approved by Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency Board in February 2020. The course has now been developed and is ready to launch January 2024.
An overview of what to expect of the trade can be found here

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education for both young and mature individuals who want to be certified to work in a skilled trade. It is a combination of on-the-job and technical training where skilled trades’ professionals (certified journeypersons) pass on knowledge and skills to learners (apprentices).
Farms are able to enroll existing employees that are interested in enhancing their skills, however, they must train under a certified journeyperson.

If you are an experienced farmer looking to become a certified Farm Technician Journeyperson, a Certification Exam is now available for those with 5400 hours in the trade.
Visit for more information or check out these FAQs on becoming a Certified Farm Technician 

Hiring an apprentice

The apprenticeship process begins with an Employer hiring an employee that they would like to register as an Apprentice. Once a potential Apprentice and an Employer decide to enter into an apprenticeship agreement, an application package must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA).  The process is as simple as filling out an agreement form (Apprentice Registration Agreement) to become a Farm Technician apprentice.

The submitted registration agreement will go to an NSAA representative called an Industry Training Consultant.   The Industry Training Consultant will work with the Employer and Apprentice to complete the registration process and provide needed supports and guidance for a successful apprenticeship experience.