NS Farm Discovery

NS Farm Discovery Tool is a navigational tool that consolidates and delivers business management resources in an accessible way to those interested in entering the agriculture industry.
Although the main audience is intended to be new entrants (5 years or less in the industry), it will support anyone searching for resources related to agriculture in Nova Scotia!

Visit NSFarmDiscovery.ca today to explore the supports available to you!

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture helps support and grow agriculture and agri-food throughout the province. They develop programs, services and polices to help farming in rural and urban communities be more competitive, sustainable and profitable. The Department of Agriculture delivers a variety of programs annually to help farmers succeed. Always check the eligibility requirements and program guidelines of programs that may interest you. Generally, a current farm registration is required to access programs delivered through the Department of Agriculture.

Some programs delivered by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture (NSDA) are not offered annually and the guidelines and application dates may change year over year. To see all programs offered by the Department of Agriculture, visit their website here.

The NSDA has 6 offices located in 2 regions (Eastern and Western) across the province to provide services to farmers. For information on the Regional Services and a map of where the offices are located, visit their website here.

Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc.

There are programs delivered through Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. Similar to NSDA programs, a current farm registration is generally a requirement for eligibility. Listed below are some programs of interest. Visit Perennia’s website here for the most up to date information, program guidelines and opening dates.

Agricultural Production Extension Program

Informally known as ‘farm extension’, this program has been provided by Perennia on behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture since 2001 at no cost to eligible producers, or cost recovery for some basic costs not covered by the program. Sectors covered include: horticulture, livestock, field crops and soils for both conventional and organic systems. Services covered by the program include: individual farm advice by phone, electronically and in person at the discretion of the specialist; publications and information online and in hard copy; virtual and in-person workshops and field days; and sector development projects. with collaborative partners.

Food and Beverage Business Accelerator Program

The Food and Beverage Business Accelerator Program will support Nova Scotia producers and food and beverage processors in increasing revenues and profits by assisting them to get more products successfully to market; and opening new markets for current and new products.