Temporary Foreign Worker Programs

Thinking of hiring through Temporary Foreign Worker Programs such as SAWP or Ag. Stream, there is lots to know! If you are not sure where to start or what to plan for, below are helpful guides:

A glimpse at TFWP in Nova Scotia

The province employed 1,182 primary agriculture workers through TFW Programs in 2022, with employment being highest in fruit and tree nut farming, along with vegetable and other crops.

The vast majority of workers come Jamaica and Mexico, with increasing participation from those with Indian citizenship.

Program updates

As part of its efforts to modernize the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and improve client services, Service Canada has transitioned to online Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications.

Starting in April 2023, employers will be required to submit LMIA applications using the LMIA Online Portal. To support the transition below are some useful resources for employers provided by Service Canada:
Tutorial videos on the LMIA online Portal web page:  Labour Market Impact Assessment Online Portal resources – Canada.ca
– LMIA Online Portal: Applicant Guide can be found here
– LMIA Online Portal: Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

For the most up to date and in-depth information on the TFW program, visit the Employment and Social Development Canada website.